7 Strategies To Help You Build an Agile, Successful Organization

5 min readOct 18, 2022

The majority of successful leaders are regularly seeking ways to boost their organization’s outcomes as well as the inner setting. It can be difficult, though, for them to identify which of their efforts in fact repay. So it’s exceptionally beneficial when a leader can detail the strategies they have actually executed to move their business ahead.

Kevin Jones, CEO of Rackspace Technology, a worldwide, multi-cloud technology services provider, counts on 7 methods to improve growth and also sustain development while keeping high degrees of worker engagement as well as satisfaction. These methods can be difficult to launch, and Jones notes that a high-performance-based culture is not for everybody, but the mix has been so effective at Rackspace that it’s worth taking into consideration how to adjust these strategies to your organization’s requirements.

Identify the vital leadership features for your environment. At Rackspace, Jones specifies the leading 3 leadership attributes as responsibility, in which a person “obtains their arms around an issue or trouble and takes possession for it;” execution, which indicates being able to execute without needing any individual to follow up with you; and rate, since “particularly in the modern technology market, if you don’t scoot, you’re going to get left behind.”

Develop an atmosphere of synchronized visibility as well as nearness. Jones thinks that level companies are more agile and can prevent the troubles that typically take place when management messages are filtered through countless layers of administration. He exceeds the timeless “open door” and urges workers and also clients alike to call his cellular phone if they’re battling with a problem. At the same time, Jones is comfortable recognizing that he does not have all the responses; in the spirit of openness, he frequently invites business creators and also previous CEOs to offer input. This mix of straight access and determination to approve comments calls for both leadership humility and also confidence.

Instead of just asking for change, design practices that drive change. When leaders accost workers regarding continual improvement or press them for new ideas, several employees relax as opposed to advance. “If you’re most likely to have sustainable efficiency,” claims Jones, “you need to have a process [that makes certain] you’re always changing.” At Rackspace, that procedure is based upon a framework of roughly 120 distinct projects running at perpetuity with themes ranging from geographical expansion and also running efficiency to staff member training. Jones and also his entire management team routinely satisfy job heads to identify whether there are any kind of organizational obstacles to the proceeding, problems needing to be resolved, or exec choices that need to be made to relocate the efforts ahead. Not only do these jobs supply a continuous stream of favorable modifications, but the people who run them frequently turn out to be superstars that get advertised or get special advancement.

Enhance society instead of fighting it. As administration guru Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast..” Jones likes to discover points that are positive and also working well and then double down on them; he makes use of that strength as the basis for rotating to a related pursuit so employees can have similar experiences. For instance, Rackspace has a deep culture of being fanatical concerning consumer support. When expanding quicker and needed more sales, Jones doubled down on employees’ enjoyment regarding solving consumer troubles and also helped them pivot to experiencing the enjoyment of winning customers’ organization.

Do not “appreciate” your problems. It is very important to be comfortable dealing with troubles, but treating them as valuable or mystical raises their adverse influence. As opposed to just reviewing the exact same concerns week after week, as occurs in a lot of firms, “Obtain them on the table,” Jones claims. “It’s okay if you hit a brick wall, yet don’t just remain there. Allow’s be open regarding what the problems are, but let’s reach solving them.” His requirement for rate, integrated with humbleness about not having all the answers, prompts him not to allow his very own problems to rot. He’ll bring a number of individuals with each other and also announce, “I don’t know how to solve this. What do you assume?” Staff members always have various other suggestions and also propose alternative remedies, after which onward activity can resume.

Reduce nonpriority tasks. Jones is an adherent of the concept credited to Peter Thiel that whatever your strategy is for the next 10 years, you need to ask why you can’t get it done in the next six months. Of course, it’s not feasible merely to work quicker at everything, so even to take into consideration that type of acceleration, you must be extensive concerning pruning back the important things you can not as well as shouldn’t do. For instance, Jones constantly tests Rackers to screen their activities based upon whether they belong to an “obsessed client experience, being an ideal place to work or premium financial performance. Otherwise, after that, simply concentrate on something else.”

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Usage decisions to make certain positioning. Rackspace has a “management system” of conferences that routinely examine metrics, barriers to success, sources needed, and disputes that require to be fixed. Every now and then, also the top priorities of customer experience, monetary performance, and being an ideal area to work might be at odds with each other. When that takes place, Jones as well as his team review the tradeoffs and telephone rather than allowing stress to fester; by doing this, everybody can proceed with their work at a rate. If a complicated conflict recurs, they establish an emphasis group with representation from all afflicted groups to explore the issue up until it’s completely resolved. Then the emphasis group is disbanded, as well as the administration system takes over, says Jones. “And now everybody’s got muscle mass memory for that concern … and also you always type sensitive to it.”

When you take into consideration each of these approaches individually, you can see just how it would profit the company. It’s by taking the further step of overlaying and also incorporating all these approaches, however, that will aid you to develop both the energy as well as the liability to speed up and suffer growth while keeping your employees positively involved.

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