Elevate Your User Experience: 11 Steps to Deploy an SAP Fiori Tile to SAP Cloud Platform Portal

4 min readOct 31, 2023


Transforming User Experience with SAP Fiori Tiles

In today’s digital landscape, the user experience is paramount. Businesses strive to provide intuitive, visually appealing, and efficient interfaces for their employees and customers. This is where SAP Fiori comes into play, revolutionizing user experiences in the world of enterprise software. SAP Fiori Tiles, in particular, offer a dynamic way to access information and applications seamlessly. If you’re ready to take your SAP Fiori experience to the next level by deploying Fiori Tiles on SAP Cloud Platform Portal, this article is your definitive guide.

Why SAP Fiori Tiles?

Before we delve into the deployment process, it’s crucial to understand why SAP Fiori Tiles are worth the effort. These tiles are the building blocks of the SAP Fiori user experience, providing users with direct access to relevant apps, reports, and information. They are highly customizable, allowing organizations to tailor the user interface to their specific needs. By deploying Fiori Tiles on SAP Cloud Platform Portal, you can centralize access to critical resources, enhance productivity, and provide a modern, engaging user experience.

Step 1: Set Up Your Development Environment

The first step in deploying Fiori Tiles is to set up your development environment. Ensure that you have access to SAP Cloud Platform Portal and the necessary development tools. You’ll also need authorization to create and manage tiles on the portal.

Step 2: Define Tile Objectives and Requirements

Before creating Fiori Tiles, clearly define their objectives and requirements. Consider what information or functionality you want to provide through the tile. Define the target audience and any specific user roles that should have access.

Step 3: Create a Tile Catalog

In SAP Cloud Platform Portal, a tile catalog serves as a container for your Fiori Tiles. Create a tile catalog by defining its name and description. This step organizes your tiles and makes them accessible to users.




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