SAP EWM, the Future of SAP

If you have not heard yet, mainstream maintenance for SAP’s traditional WMS, SAP WM (Warehouse Management), will certainly end in 2025. SAP announced that SAP WM is not the target architecture within SAP S/4HANA however instead EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) is the future for SAP!

SAP is now delivering EWM with the power of S/4HANA through an embedded version of EWM, replacing the dated WM component for S/4HANA. With numerous licensing, release, and holding options, there is a flavor of SAP EWM for all organizations.

The question is no longer:

“Is SAP EWM right for my business?” but,

“What SAP EWM solution is right for my service?”

With this new direction, SAP provides EWM with two types of licensing frameworks for embedded EWM on S4HANA, Basic or Advanced.

EWM Basic is meant for businesses that are running S/4HANA ERP and intend to leverage the warehouse administration functionality included with their existing licensing. EWM Basic has added and enhanced functionality over the old WM component, including granular bin level and a durable user-friendly RF structure. On top of that, the individuals will have access to conventional EWM processes, from Physical Inventory to Outbound handling.

Nevertheless, if your warehouse processes are in need of an extra durable warehouse management solution, EWM Advanced is your solution. The Advanced licensing for EWM provides operators with access to all the functions of the Standard licensing, plus additional and optimized functions. With EWM Advanced, customers have actually boosted processes like enhanced Stock Management that includes slotting and rearrangement and improved Outbound processing with Wave Management. EWM Advanced also includes additional functions such as Yard Management with access to the Shipping Cockpit as well as Dock Visit Organizing or Labor Management with Engineered Labor Criteria and Travel Distance Calculations.

In addition to the selection of various licensing options, it is very essential to also consider how to release SAP EWM.

There are multiple options for each and every business requirement, from huge 24/7 365-day processes to small 9–5 service operations. For bigger services with a high quantity of purchases, they will wish to check on a few choices for EWM release; Business Suite Decentral EWM 9.5, EWM Embedded in S/4HANA, or the soon-to-be readily available Independent EWM on S/4HANA, of which MSCG is currently associated with partner testing. For these releases, businesses will certainly decide on how to host the environment, whether having this internally or having a third party do so. For smaller-scale procedures, SAP uses EWM S/4HANA Cloud with Single-tenant and Multiple tenant choices and is soon to offer Stand Alone EWM S/4HANA Cloud. It is necessary to evaluate all choices due to the fact that the factors that enter into making an accurate choice for your company will considerably differ, each influencing this choice in different ways.

The era of SAP WM is waning.

According to the current plan by SAP, the outdated WM component will no longer obtain new updates and its support cycle is slated to finish in 2025. With that said, now is the time for your business to start preparing to upgrade and migrate to SAP EWM. Throughout your movement to S/4HANA EWM, decisions will be made as to what new functionality needs to be leveraged or how current WM master information can be used with EWM. My Supply Chain Team provides the expertise your company needs to make an ideal decision. With over 75 EWM experts, My Supply Chain Group is the best implementation companion for any type of service.

Is your organization currently ahead of the curve and running its warehouse with SAP EWM? Continue to stay ahead and begin intending your conversion from decentral SAP EWM 7.0–9.5 to standalone SAP EWM on S4HANA. Even if the rest of the organization is not prepared to convert from ECC to S4HANA ERP, this doesn’t need to stop the warehouse from blazing the trail. Several paths are set out by SAP to make it possible for a smooth conversion for the entire organization. Together with these choices, SAP is enabling customers to smartly make these choices by empowering My Supply Chain Group with the knowledge called for to assist them along the way. My Supply Chain Group is proactively part of SAP EWM beta product screening and will certainly recommend your organization on

new functionalities of SAP S/4HANA Extended Warehouse Management and if the time is right for your company to transform!

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