SAP HANA 2.0: Database Transformation and Management

  • Get versatility with the ability to copy/move tenant databases across finished different multi-occupant conditions while structure replication is simultaneously running.
  • Develop your SAP HANA high openness scene with the versatility to send multi-level structure, replication chains past-2 helper systems.
  • Modify dynamic/dynamic, read-enabled access to your data assets through a closer compromise with pack directors.
  • Enhance speedier with new and updated SQL Script and SQL Limits, revised XML and JSON file dealing with, and more gainful help for SQL chains of significance.
  • Streamline application headway with a more beneficial Python driver and an as-of-late released Go driver.
  • SAP Cloud Stage (initially called HANA Cloud Stage) is a stage an administration that empowers clients to create and run HANA-based applications.
  • Other cloud sellers offer HANA as an administration, including AWS, Microsoft Purplish blue, Google Cloud Stage, IBM Soft Layer, Huawei Fusion Sphere, and Hewlett Packard Venture Hellion.
  • Abilities that are a piece of the HANA framework (initiated with framework parameters)
  • Extra items (conveyance units) — should be foreign-made/introduced into a HANA framework.
  • Extra items that are incorporated with HANA (isolate download/introduce)
  • Extra items that can work with HANA yet in addition remain solitary and regularly authorized independently.



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