SAP launches S/4HANA On-premise Trial via Amazon Web Services (AWS)

SAP systems help access storage, servers, and networking services to Amazon Web Services. Customers and partners of SAP like most enterprises have used the version of S/4HANA. Moreover, Amazon Web Services is the first customer of SAP. Companies of all ranges will are benefited from the service provided by Amazon. SAP business suite is implemented and operated in AWS.

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SAP’s Master Plan

There are a few areas in which the S/4HANA has implemented its master plan based on customers’ requirements. Database migration has been proven to be easy by the SAP team. This business suite has confirmed to customers that the database need not be swapped instead it can be migrated. Some customers prefer the Oracle database. So, SAP had a master plan to capture customers’ attention. It has implemented the SAP business suite in which the customers can either choose Oracle or the databases.

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SAP’s Growth Surge

Alike, other databases SAP S/4HANA have numerous customers that in turn give a huge profit. As customers prefer low-end cloud services, a huge profit was hit. A profit of 701 million Euros has been recently stated. Financial results have brought profit up to 5.6 billion Euros. This strategy of SAP delivers business networks, applications, and platforms as per the customer’s need.

Network Connectivity

SAP provides external system connectivity, on-premise system connectivity, secured connections, etc. It provides a legal section to launch AWS resources as it has virtual networking sections. The configuration, routers, respective IP addresses, and also network gateways of SAP’s connectivity are included. It has an integrated system with seamless connectivity. Before establishment, the business suite has undergone testing stages such as trial, test, and demo.

In-memory Database

SAP has released an in-memory database that has multiple systems. This setting integrates the internet to plug into Big Data distributions. Overall analytics have warehouses that consist of a synchronization of data features, integration, and data transfer. It has non-uniform memory access that supports 12TB of memory to scale up the data centers.


The computation capacity of the SAP system has upfront payments and no longer long-term commitment. SAP systems have a physical or virtual server. This provides more profit to AWS. It has significant savings and demand instances.

How to run S/4HANA

AWS products are extensive and are the most relevant to the implementation of S/4HANA. It provides scalable computing services that the configuration offers. For running SAP systems Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS, and also the SUSE Linux servers are required.

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SAP customers always realize the benefits that AWS cloud brings. It achieves the demand, and upfront cost, and even the payment will be done only for the needs, free trials after implementation, etc.

Hence, customers believe that the SAP S/4HANA is the best suite in the business environment. It has the same level of product support and demos will be provided at the time of installation. Many reports have proved that SAP provides simpler applications and the moves are done in a transparent manner.

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