SAP S/4HANA 1809 Logistics- What you need to know?

Asset Management

Solution area Maintenance Execution

Learn SAP S/4HANA Logistics 1809 from Industry Experts

Solution area Maintenance Planning and Scheduling:

Solution area Plant Maintenance:

Cross Applications:


Accounting Enhancements for Banking:

Accounting View of Logistics Information:

Initial Load Performance Improvements:

EC-PCA Postings Replication and Deletion Enhancements:

Handling of Reconciliation Accounts as per Company Code:

Enhancement for Down Payment and Integration with Sales and Distribution:


Improvements for Importing Test Structures:

Object extensions for structures:

Analysis of Financial Data and Operational Data:

Data Models for Informational Retrieval Framework:

Change list for PSV Import:

POTATO: Support for Workspace File Restrictions:

Integration with SAP Hybris Commerce:


Manage Shop Floor Routings:

Manage Standard Text:

My Work Queue:

Status and Action Schema Application:

Perform operation:

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Data Aging for Demand-Driven Replenishment:

PIRs in Average Daily Usage:

Manage Production Order for Process Orders for MRP Controllers:



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