SAP S/4HANA Finance Most Asked Questions

3 min readOct 6, 2022

Here are the few questions that are Frequently Asked by the users of SAP S/4HANA Finance.

These questions will help you to understand the way to answer in the interview and the technique as well.

Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers as well.

1. Is CO43 costing sheet processing still at month-end, or real-time?

you have the choice of making the overhead costing continuously if you activate business work CO_ALLOCATIONS. You use the very same conditions however make an overhead behind each posting rather than aggregately at month-end.

2. Are assessments/distributions still at month-end, or real-time?

Either if you are running an assessment to CO-PA and can manage the assignment through a derivation then you can have them in real-time. Generally, we find that you can do some attributes right away (you then need to find a derivation logic by means of the master data) and some need a classical assessment (ie when you are creating N records from one sender).

3. Is WIP & variance still at month-end, or real-time?

Either is still at month-end in 1610, yet we are functioning to obtain the real-time.

4. Are settlements still at month-end, or real-time?

Either If you are resolving to CO-PA, you can set up a derivation to check out the settlement guideline or the sales order item and extend the posting line to add the CO-PA qualities whenever you post to the order/project.

5. What is Prima Nota?

Not a specific document type, yet just the first document that records business transactions (e.g. time confirmation, material movement).

6. Is Material Ledger still at month-end, or real-time?

Both, as it works currently [real-time with standard cost, month-end adjustment to actual cost] still periodic, though we can make the period blocks shorter (e.g. week or even day). The whole point is that we have to wait for the blocks.

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7. Think we have a distribution to take business area A000 and placed it 100% into business area I000: does this work in real-time? If we change the %, that can then be run through again at month-end?

Anything that creates N lines won’t work in real time. We can only extend the posting line to post for e.g. cost center and certain CO-PA characteristics.

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I hope this will help you to make this understandable.

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