The 18 Characteristics of a Great Product Owner

Embraces the product vision

A terrific Product Owner represents the customer’s voice and creates a product vision along with the stakeholders. Every choice is taken with the item vision in mind. This makes certain lasting product growth, provides clearness for the growth group as well as increases the chances of product success substantially.

Goes beyond the consumer’s assumptions.

A wonderful Product Owner really comprehends the client’s objectives, as well as objectives with the item as well as, and has the ability to overtake its assumptions. Customer delight is the utmost objective!

Is empowered.

An excellent Product Owner is equipped to make choices associated with the item. Certainly, developing support for his choices might take some time, yet promptly taking crucial decisions is the main problem for a sustainable rate of growth group.

Orders the product stockpile.

A terrific Product Owner recognizes that the item stockpile needs to be gotten. Hereby concern, threat, worth, finding out possibilities, and reliances are stabilized with each other.

Prefers in-person communication.

An excellent Product Owner recognizes that the best method to share details is in-person interaction. User tales are described in a personal discussion. If a device is made use of for backlog management, its function is to support the dialogue. It never replaces the great old-fashioned conversation.

Knows organization versions.

A terrific Product Owner has a backpack packed with valuable company models. He recognizes when to apply a details version. Examples are Business Model Generation, Lean Startup, or Impact Mapping. Based on these models he recognizes exactly how to drive item success.

Shares experiences.

A terrific Product Owner shares his experiences with peers. This may be within the company, however, additionally, workshops and conferences are a great method to share experiences and collect understanding. Obviously listing your lessons found out is likewise very appreciated.

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Has customer tale mapping.

A great Product Owner should master the principle of user story mapping. It’s a strategy that permits you to add a second measurement to your backlog. The visualization enables you to see the big picture of the product backlog. Realistically he ought to likewise understand all the stuff Jeff Patton has actually created.

Has a focus on capability.

A terrific Product Owner has a focus on capability, hrs, or perhaps story factors that are less important. The objective of the Product Owner is to make the best use of value for the client. It’s the capability that has worth, therefore this is the primary focus for the Product Owner.

Is educated.

A terrific Product Owner has in deepness functional item knowledge and also recognizes the technical structure. For big items it may be tough to recognize all the information, however, the Product Owner needs to constantly recognize the bigger items of the problem and thus make mindful strong choices.

Understands the domain name.

An excellent Product Owner understands the domain name as well as the atmosphere he’s part of. An item needs to constantly be constructed with its context taken into consideration. This consists of recognizing the company it concerns but also understanding the most recent marketplace problems. Delivering an outstanding product after the home window of possibility is rather worthless.

Acts on different levels.

A wonderful Product Manager recognizes exactly how to act to different degrees. The most typical way to define these levels is strategic, tactical, and operational. A Product Owner should understand exactly how to describe the item method at the board level, create support at middle management as well as inspire the development group with their day-to-day challenges.

Is available.

A fantastic Product Owner is readily available for the stakeholders, the clients, the advancement group as well as the Scrum Master. Important concerns are answered rapidly and also valuable details are supplied on schedule. The Product Owner guarantees his schedule never obstructs the progress of the advancement team.

Has the ability to state ‘no’.

A great Product Owner recognizes exactly how as well as when to say no. This is possibly the most evident one yet but additionally the most difficult one to understand. Saying yes to a new idea or feature is very easy, it’s just an additional product for the product backlog. However, excellent backlog monitoring encompasses creating a convenient item backlog with things that probably will get understood. Adding things to the stockpile knowing nothing will happen with them only produces ‘waste’ and false assumptions.

Work as a business owner.

A fantastic Product Owner basically is a business owner for his product. He has a keen eye for opportunities, focuses on business value and also the Return On Investment as well as acts proactive on possible dangers as well as dangers. Everything with the growth (dimension, high quality, market share) of his product is taken into account.
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Uses the Backlog Prioritisation Quadrant.

A fantastic Product Owner knows the Backlog Prioritisation Quadrant and also utilizes this as an instrument to talk about the Product Backlog. The Backlog Prioritisation Quadrant clears up the fact that the stockpile includes greater than just new functions. Technical technology, technical financial debt as well as offering assistance should also be thought about.

Takes Backlog Refinement seriously.

A terrific Product Owner spends adequate time fine-tuning the Product Backlog. Stockpile Refinement is the act of including information, quotes as well as orders for items in the Product Backlog. The advice is to invest an average of 10% of the capability of the Development Team for refinement, the method it is done isn’t prescribed and also depends on the team. The Product Owner can involve stakeholders and also the Development Team in improving the backlog. The stakeholders since it provides the opportunity to explain their dreams and wishes. The Development Team because they can make clear functional and also technological questions or effects. This will ensure common understanding and also boosts the high quality of the Product Backlog substantially.

Has studied all the stuff from Roman Pichler.

An excellent Product Owner has actually read all the write-ups of Roman Pichler and also uses his templates constantly. Producing an item vision, roadmap, identity, canvas, or sprint objective, the website of Roman Pichler is the place to be!

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