Top Features of Workday Recruiting

3 min readDec 20, 2022


Workday Recruiting is an end-to-end talent acquisition application developed to assist you to find, share, engaging, and also choose the very best internal as well as external candidates for your organization. With Workday Recruiting, you can:

  • Manage the whole recruiting lifecycle in one system, including workforce planning, sourcing, as well as advanced talent analytics.
  • Attract top skills with a consistent and engaging candidate experience from outreach to onboarding — Enhance the recruiting process by enabling transparency and collaboration across the entire hiring team.

Workday Recruiting is developed and optimized for mobile devices. It works the way you work, on the go, collaboratively, and in real-time and assists improve employee engagement and user adoption. Part of a single workday system, Workday Recruiting assists companies to accomplish real visibility throughout the entire talent acquisition process.

Sourcing Job Requisitions as a single system with Workday Human Resources Management(HCM), Workday Recruiting works seamlessly with job requisition creation, management, and fulfillment. With confidential job requisitions, companies can provide greater security for sensitive appropriations and candidates while just offering a select group of people access to this information. Candidate Management Unite internal and external skills, in addition to active as well as passive candidates. Keep candidates engaged through a tailored, straightforward job application process. Utilize the Workday core security model, business process framework, and also reporting capability to sustain local regulations such as the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Programs (OFCCP). Referrals Workday Recruiting enables the entire organization to participate in the talent acquisition procedure making use of references as well as recommendations. With the recommendation leaderboard, you can urge employees to produce more references by allocating points to their recommendation activity.

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Endorsements — Improve prospect pools with endorsements. As candidates recognize contacts within your company, Workday immediately seeks their endorsement.

Social Media Integration extends your core candidate management system with a Workday-supported system for social media, online job posting, and recruiting marketing.


  • Candidate selection

Hiring is a team sport. With better visibility and access anytime and from anywhere, the entire hiring group can collaborate and communicate in real time about the status of candidates. Connect your hiring managers, recruiters, interviewers, and those making recommendations in a reliable team process.

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  • Offer Management

Workday Recruiting accelerates the close procedure with configurable workflows, a seamless connection to compensation, and an easy-to-sign deal and global contract builder.


  • Seamless Candidate Experience

Part of a single system with Workday HCM, Workday Recruiting supports a seamless and positive onboarding procedure from the very first touchpoint to the acceptance of a deal to a cozy welcome for a new hire.

  • Automated Workflow

Decrease time to hire by automatically dispositioning or moving candidates forward in the recruiting procedure. Boost productivity by streamlining the whole onboarding process from background verification and offer management to hiring and first-day orientation all within your core system of record.


Workday recruiting solution deals with the rest of Workday, developing a smooth experience for candidates, recruiters, as well as hiring managers alike. From the minute you make workforce strategies to the moment you onboard new hires, Workday assists you to develop wonderful teams.

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