What is the Navigation Process in Workday?

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Workday is a cloud-based software application vendor that concentrates on Human Capital Management (HCM) and also financial management applications.

On the Web page — Throughout the top of the home dashboard page you will always find the same blue bar. This includes easy navigating icons, search fields, and also accessibility to your Workday account information. Click your name in the right-hand corner to bring up a lot of navigation choices.

This is where you can see your profile, gain access to your Inbox and also Notifications, edit your Favourite, as well as access information in My Account. The orange circle next to your photo icon (showing a 3 in this instance) denotes the number of unread items in your Workday inbox. This is a small change from the previous Workday format showing an icon to represent the inbox.

In this Workday release, the inbox icon is gone. Clicking on your name will certainly bring up easy access to your Workday inbox. The My Account sub-menu is where you are most likely to change your Password as well as preferences, along with handling your Password challenge questions.

Note: Even more information on passwords, preferences, and challenge questions can be found in the “How to Log In to Workday” Tip Sheet.

Searching in Workday

From anywhere within the Workday environment, you can easily access the search area in the top blue bar. Enter a word, or a partial name, to bring up the broadened Search results page.

In this instance, we have actually entered Name into the search field. Workday will instantly bring up the initial 5 most usual search engine results for the item you noted. You can further refine your search using the categories.

Note: The most expanded search results will come from selecting the All of Workday Category

Returning to your Control Panel

From anywhere in Workday, you can easily return to your primary dashboard web page. Clicking either the Home icon (shaped like a house) or the Workday logo (in the center) will certainly route you back to the main Dashboard.

Navigating the Dashboard Worklets

The Workday dashboard page presents rounded icons called Worklets. These give you access to tasks and reports.

Note: The Worklets you see on your dashboard might be a little various than the ones shown right here.

Clicking on any one of the Worklets will certainly raise more info related to that category. This opens a new page with the most recent news releases. You can click the left arrow to return back Home, or click the home icon.

More Dashboard Worklets

Choosing the Personal Details Worklet will certainly open up an extended listing of items associated with you. Items on the left in the Change column are things that you can modify and edit. View items on the right are informational only.

External hyperlinks are listed to conveniently give you access to other HR-related websites for staff member conformity training.

Using the related Actions Icon

Often throughout the Workday, you will come across the Relevant Action Icon. Clicking this will certainly open a window with quick access to often associated tasks. In this instance, we have clicked related Actions for our employee members.

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This expanded menu deals with simple accessibility to the most usual information and task connected to this employee.

A Note about Alerts as well as Error Messages

Alert and Error messages show up in the top right portion of the web page.

They generally determine the specific area or areas where the details are missing out, entered incorrectly, or in conflict with a regulation developed within Workday. Orange Alert cautions are “soft” alerts to a prospective problem, but the task can still be finished.

Red error alerts the screen when the system will certainly not allow you to continue until you have actually fixed the error.


Workday utilizes a really effective object-action model that drives navigation and reporting. When you watch a page in Workday, most of the items on the display are links as well as a lot of those items have a relevant action icon alongside them.

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