What’s the Big Fuss about Simple Logistics?

4 min readJun 28, 2019

2016 has seen massive increases in the sheer volume of S/4HANA implementations on a worldwide scale irrespective of the generic suite or the niche packages that are custom made for the individual customer. That’s making interested individual market specialists and customers question the progress in S/4HANA Enterprise Management, one of the most promising modules in S/4HANA till date.

Finance and Logistics are said to go hand in hand. This is why it makes sense for SAP to release SAP Simple Logistics sequentially after the release of SAP Finance module.

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Just like SAP Simple Finance, the Simple Logistics module brings about considerable data model simplifications along with key functional enhancements. Even though such enhancements sound simple enough, Logistics in core ERP is said to have a wide scope spanning SD, PP, MM and several other sub-modules, meaning the scope for improvement is massive.


The Customer’s Viewpoint

Just as S/4HANA Finance is touted to be the next step in the evolution of SAP FI/CO systems, S/4HANA Enterprise Management is said to the next stage in the evolution of ECC6.0 traditional logistics modules such as the MM, SD and PP modules. Breaking away from tradition, Enterprise Management is already making waves by being process-focused instead of being module-focused like SAP modules usually are. It looks towards Request to Service, Plan to Produce, Procure to Pay and Order to Cash. The system is said to run on a HANA database which allows for accelerated insights as most data is said to come from a singular source of truth. As with the entire S/4HANA suite, it runs across all devices utilizing SAP Fiori, this means superior enhancements in user experience and increased mobility.

S/4HANA Finance started off as a mere buzzword around the second quarter of 2015 which later on caught on a lot of momentum. This is what is happening with SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management as well. It is at this stage of the products deployment that customer will actually sit up and take notice of the product and its capabilities. Customers will have to decide that this is the best product for them and is definitely worth the cost of its use for the particular project. We are bound to see in the following months how customers will react to the implementation of Enterprise Management in the relative long term. This will be seen as higher volumes in terms of just plain implementation all the way to implementation success. The end of the year 2017 should see plenty of such implementations coming in from every direction of the globe. This is the respective customer side of the equation.

The Consultant’s Viewpoint

When it comes to the technical or functional consultant’s side then most them would be considering reskilling at this point. Even though some market experts have said that it may be too early, most others and even learned individual and entrepreneurs and techies all over the globe say that it’s never too early to start re-skilling. A great example for this are the Simple Finance consultants who took the leap of faith and are now reaping great rewards in terms of salary and career growth and increased relevance in today’s market. The others who waited are not far off, but are still a long way off from reaping the full benefits of being certified and working accordingly.

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If we are to have a look at the various SAP revenue figures in its quarterly and annual reports for the year 2016, the customer volume is really high when it comes to the purchase of brand new solutions such as S/4HANA, Hybris, and SuccessFactors among various others.

The class of products mentioned above are all Cloud-based solutions which have seen high levels of success across various verticals and domains across the market. And as usual, there is a definite lack of certified resources in the IT market currently. This leads us to believe that even there is a need and demand for such Cloud-based projects and implementations, they can’t happen as fast as one would want them to.


They say Death and Taxes are the only certainties in life, but market experts can easily add the overall growth of SAP products that are released, to the exclusive list of things that don’t change. This being said, every enterprise is preparing to move operations into the cloud and it is a wise move for any company and individual to start preparing to be a part of the Simple Logistics revolution.




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