Why Data Science matters a lot and How it is beneficial for the business?

6 min readJun 3, 2019


Currently, Data science is utilized in almost all the organizations and thus, increasing the demand for a Data Scientist who is responsible for extracting useful information from a heap of data which helps the organization to make a better business decision. There is no doubt that current businesses are packed with data. It is an important aspect of every business because it enables business leaders to make suitable business decisions based on facts to enhance their productivity and profitability. Mckinsey in his report evaluated that big data enterprises in the healthcare framework could represent $300 billion to $450 billion in moderated medical services expenditure or 12% to 15 % of the $2.7 trillion patterns in the US social insurance costs. Then again, however, awful data is assessed to cost the US around $3.1 trillion per year. It shows that there is a huge demand for data processing and investigation nowadays and thus, a data scientist came into the picture. Most of the officials know that Data science is a demanding technique, and how Data scientist plays an essential role in the organizations. But still, most of them are not knowing about the importance of data scientist. This article shows a few benefits of data science, why it matters and how it is beneficial for the business.

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Role of a Data Scientist: A data scientist in any industry is proficient in various fields such as statistics, math, and computer science. They are also highly experienced in data mining, data visualization, and information management. They also hold experience in set-up design, cloud computing, and data warehousing. Data Science plays an essential role in any business. So, let’s discuss few benefits of Data science in business and how a data scientist helps to achieve them:


  • Data science support businesses to deliver relevant products. With the help of data science, the organization can easily find where its products are selling at the best prices and at what time the sell will be more. This enables the organization to deliver the right product at the appropriate time. Not only this, but it will also support companies to create new products to fulfill their client’s requirements.
  • Data Science helps in reducing hazard and fraud in business. Data scientists are capable of recognizing data which is estimated roughly. For predictive fraud tendency models, they develop an analytical framework, track, and other big data approaches and utilize them to create alarms which guarantee an on-time reply if some uncommon data is identified.
  • Data Science helps to modify the client’s practices. Data science helps the sales and marketing teams to understand their viewer on an exceptionally coarse dimension. With the help of this information, an organization can develop the ideal user experiences.
  • Data scientist help businesses to understand and manage their data and use it to solve multifaceted problems using knowledge in lots of data. It allows businesses to deliver relevant products. With the help of data combined with analytics, companies can stay competitive in the market as per the modifications and new technological developments.
  • Nowadays, data science is used in many industries such as retail, manufacturing, and travel industry. Most of the financial services companies are moving towards data science. It utilizes new data sources to develop predictive models and simulate market events through NoSQL, Hadoop etc.

A data scientist can be helpful for the companies in various ways:

  • Data Scientist helps in guiding activities based on trends, which helps the organization in defining objectives. A data scientist also investigates and studies the organization’s data, and then suggest few activities which support organization in enhancing their performance, engaging customers, and eventually improving productivity.
  • Data Scientist helps management and officers to make improved business choices. A qualified Data Scientist acts as a reliable advisor and strategic partner for the top management of the organization by confirming that the work increases their analytics abilities. A data scientist interconnects and validate the value of the organization’s data to simplify better decision-making methods in the organization, by measuring, following, and recording performance metrics, etc.
  • Data Scientist inspires employees to implement best practices and concentrating on various issues. A data scientist is also responsible for confirming that the employees are very well acquainted and aware of the organization’s analytics product. In order to achieve success Data scientists, demonstrate staff how they can utilize the framework effectively to excerpt valuable information and drive activities based on that. Once the employees know the product skills, then they can easily concentrate on mentioning critical business challenges.
  • In an organization, there are a lot of opportunities available for a data scientist. They are capable of recognizing these opportunities. When Data Scientists interacts with the organization’s existing analytics system, they find out the existing procedures for creating new approaches and analytical algorithms. Data scientist are also responsible for regularly enhancing the value resulting from the organization’s data.
  • A data scientist can make a decision with measurable, and data-driven facts. Data scientist enables an organization to collect data from different resources and analyze them to find out the necessity of taking high stake risks. With the help of current data, data scientists develop models which simulate a lot of possible activities. This helps the organizations to know the correct path that will carry the best business results.
  • Once Data scientists make the decision using the existing data, then they must test their results. One part of the process includes decision making and executing them, and the other part involves how these decisions will going to affect the organizations. At this stage, a data scientist comes into the picture. As it is a critical process, an expert is needed who can analyze the essential metrics that are associated with the significant modifications and also enumerate their achievement.
  • Data Science also helps in hiring talented professionals for the organization. A recruiter has to go through several resumes throughout the day. It is their daily routine, but big data made this job easier for them. With the help of a lot of information related to the skills, data science professionals work in their way across all the platforms such as social media, corporate databases, and various job portals to find the suitable candidates who fulfill the organization’s requirements. Data science can help the hiring team to accelerate their hiring process and make more precise selections, by extracting the massive amount of available data, internal resume processing and by conducting data-driven aptitude tests, etc.
  • Data Scientists identify and enhance their target viewers. Most of the companies will have at least a single source of client’s data which is being composed from Google analytics to customer reviews. This data may not be so valuable if it is not utilized correctly. Data science is essential, and it is based on the skills to use current data which does not hold any value of it’s owns and associate it with other data facts to create perceptions which enable an organization to understand their clients and viewers properly. With a detailed study of different data sources, a data scientist supports an organization with the identification of the significant groups with accuracy. Using this thorough information, organizations can modify services and products to the client’s collections and help them to achieve profit.

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Conclusion: Data science is beneficial for every organization who can utilize their data very well to make better business decisions. Data science plays an essential role in every organization. It helps organizations in many ways such as recruiting new candidates, identifying and enhancing target audiences, etc. to make informed business decisions.




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