Why Learn SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics?

In upcoming years, the need and competition for advanced technologies in ERP suite is incredible in the global market. SAP is a largest and most dominant leader in delivering ERP products, by sustaining a tough competition from vendors like Oracle, J D Edwards for providing advanced and simplified functionalities in ERP.

SAP SE introduced its own data base product called “HANA”, which is a high performance analytical application delivered for ERP solution. HANA is a database where it uses row and column based storage for quicker reporting and transactions. SAP introduced many new products in their product lane like SAP Hybris, SAP Ariba, SAP field glass, SAP SuccessFactors, to fulfil the needs for global Business.

“SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics” is a simplified and advanced Enterprise product, where S/4 indicated suite for HANA, that means SAP S/4 Simple Logistics runs on HANA data base named “SAP S/4 HANA Simple Logistics. Comparing to ECC, in SAP S/4HANA there exists a new concept called “Single Source of Truth”, where user can simplify, centralize some tables to eliminate data redundancy, remove aggregates, some of the tables are matdoc, adcoa etc.

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There are some absolute changes in some transaction codes they are:

New concepts like Fiori, workflow process, query building is been introduced. Fiori runs on IP address where user has to enter user credentials same as GUI, the changes done in the Fiori reflects in GUI, the integration between GUI and Fiori through an integration tool is called O-data services.

The workflow process in the Fiori can be used to get approvals, the Fiori concepts works based on tiles and catalogues. Fiori is role based concept that means, transactions are authorized based on the role of user, for example an end user are authorized only to create purchase order or sales order where he need to get approved by the hierarchy.

Fields in the tiles can be configured, means user can scroll the catalogues and create their own group. Now query building can be used in SE16H table by joining primary and secondary tables. And user can maintain entries in tables directly without going to SM30 tables or other configurations.

There are few delta configurations in Material Master like obsolete fields and views. The material length can be extended from 18 to 40 characters and foreign trade is not a part of SAP S/4HANA product, it is just placed in GTS as a new product in the SAP.

Few new transactions like MIGO, OMX1 are introduced. For OMX1 user has to maintain parameters for invoice, to verify the price before posting MIRO. A new concept called ‘live production stock setup in plant‘, can be executed by a new transaction code ckmstart, this is a one-time activity for each plant and need to be executed in background through job scheduling. In the sales and distribution module there are have few delta configurations, credit management has a part of FI-SD-AR in ECC, now it is part of financial Supply Chain Management FI-AR-FSCM, and Revenue Accounting is moved from SD to Finance.

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Settle management is another delta configuration area here user can start from creation of contract and start settlement for customer from sales order. Status tables in sales and distribution module have been removed like VBOX, now it is part of sales, delivery, billing tables. In pricing a new concept is been introduced to extend serial number for access sequence from 99 to 999 by applying this logic any one can insert condition tables in three digits.

In project system module there exists a centralized transaction code to create project with WBS element. The output management has been replaced by Business rule framework. A new configuration is been added called opd, as a functional consultant to configure according to condition technique.

In green field approach or new implementation agile methodology with activate framework is used. In system conversion process synchronization cockpits are used to convert master data like customer to Business partner, Bank master data and Vendor master data.

SAP S/4HANA 7.2 solution manager is used as a dash board tool to estimate project metrics, it can also be used for reporting, design road map for project. Finally SAP S/4HANA can be connected to any third party tool without installing adapters.



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